Silver Burmese "Right to Freedom" Charm


This beautifully handcrafted charm is made by talented silversmiths of the Karen indigenous group out of 98% silver. Each letter is meticulously hand-stamped, reading: "The right to freedom" in the Burmese language. 

This charm is a signature piece for RISE Up Shop in order to promote greater awareness of the ongoing conflict and genocides in Burma. Daughters Rising works with indigenous minority groups in Northern Thailand, many of whom are Burmese refugees. While all of our products help benefit these marginalized populations, we feel this jewelry piece specifically is emblematic of solidarity with the people of Burma who continue to suffer immense hardships and violence. 

Wear your charm in solidarity!  

Addtionally, because Karen silver is made with more silver content than Sterling (which has (92.5% silver), it is virtually tarnish-resistant! 

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